Mischa Barton Would Rather Kiss Girls

December 9, 2009 By:
Mischa Barton Would Rather Kiss Girls

We're not quite sure when girl on girl kisses became the new black, but everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Mischa Barton is the latest star to confess that she'd rather have a lesbian scene in a movie then have to make out with a male actor.

Mischa said of her lesbian roles: “I don’t know why that keeps coming up. It doesn’t annoy me that much. It’s so much easier to kiss another girl. You’re so much more relaxed filming and you can have a laugh. It can get a bit tense with a guy.”

Mischa already has a few girl on girl scenes under her belt. When she was on The O.C. her character Marissa Cooper had a relationship with Alex Kelly, played by Olivia Wilde and in the TV series Once and Again, she was pictured kissing Evan Rachel Wood.

And of course the third times the charm. In 2008 she starred in You and I, which was about two teenage girls falling in love after meeting at a concert. They got caught up in drugs and murder and the rest is movie history.

Maybe another girl on girl movie is just what Mischa needs to get her career back on track. The Beautiful Life got canceled after just one episode so she really needs to explore her options right now.