Mischa Barton Ordered to Put on Weight for New Role

March 18, 2009 By:
Mischa Barton Ordered to Put on Weight for New Role

It’s not too often in Hollywood that you hear about actresses putting on weight. As soon as starlets land television roles, they usually dwindle away to nothing!

But funny enough, Mischa Barton has been asked to put on weight for her new role on the CW show A Beautiful Life. The show producers are reportedly worried that her skinny frame will send a bad message to teens that will be watching the show.

The Daily Express writes, “The producers are very mindful that their target audience is teenage girls so it’s important to not send out the wrong message. Mischa has the part on condition she does not lose weight - they want her to put weight on if she can.”

What makes this funnier is that Mischa will be playing a supermodel. So wouldn’t they want her to be skinny? They could even write it into her storyline that she has an eating disorder.

That’s great for ratings! Plus, we didn’t even think Mischa looked too skinny right now. She looks the healthiest she has in a while. Maybe it was just a warning by the producers to stay right where she is. She’d better heed their warning! It’s not like she has anything else to fall back on right now!