Mischa Barton Insists She Hasn't Switched Teams

January 29, 2009 By:
Mischa Barton Insists She Hasn't Switched Teams

Mischa Barton has taken to her blog to clear up recent rumors that she's switched teams, and become a lesbian.

Photogs just snapped a picture of Mischa locking lips with a friend at her 23rd birthday party in Paris, leading the public to believe that she'd pulled a Lindsay Lohan. Well, it's quite the contrary. Mischa went straight to her blog to clear things up.

She says: "As I'm sure most of you have already seen, I was photographed at my 23rd birthday party engaging in what most of the gossip blogs refer to as a "girl on girl kiss".

"Well I just wanted to take this moment to clear the air by saying that the kiss was purely platonic! We were joking around and it was taken out of context.

"The anonymous female I was photographed with is actually my close friend Irina. Irina works as a model in Paris and since meeting a few months ago we have been spending a lot of time together. We share a lot of the same interests and I really enjoy her company. I guess you can say she's become my Paris partner in crime!

"So no, I haven't switched teams. In fact, I have someone else that is
keeping me occupied at the moment ; )

Well that's clears that up! Only problem is that no one really cares! She
needs to get back to work and make some real headlines.