Mischa Barton Gets Naked for Cosmo

April 9, 2009 By:
Mischa Barton Gets Naked for Cosmo

Mischa Barton is celebrating her newfound confidence by posing naked for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Barton got a lot of heat last summer when photos of her with cellulite hit the internet. This past January she got some criticism after she was photographed in Paris looking as skinny as a rail. But luckily, she's finally found her middle ground.

Mischa said: "It’s human nature to be self-critical, but it’s possible to like the way you look. I’m happy now - I wouldn’t change my body, and I couldn’t anyway.

She added, "Everyone has issues about their body, but I feel confident now. I’m healthy and happy...I’m not into surgery, or changing the way I look. I think it’s better to embrace what you have and play on your good points.”

She may be happy with her weight now, but funny enough, Mischa has been asked to put on weight for her new role on the CW show A Beautiful Life.