Mischa Barton Can't Land a Magazine Cover

July 23, 2009 By:
Mischa Barton Can't Land a Magazine Cover

Poor Mischa Barton. She's still being treated at a psych ward in Los Angeles, and no one seems to care.

Usually when a young Hollywood actress gets committed to a psych ward, they'll be on the cover of every tabloid magazine for weeks to come. But in Mischa's case, all she's getting is a side caption.

“As sad as Mischa’s recent problems are, what seems to be upsetting her representatives even more is that no one really cares,” said one high-level mag editor.

Mischa's close friends have even given up on her. A friend recently told People magazine, "Most of her Hollywood friends have distanced themselves from her...It makes us sad, but we're also like, 'Pull it together and get help already."

Producers on her new show The Beautiful Life are also reportedly considering replacing her because she's not very dependable, and quite frankly, her star has faded.

Below are a photos of every major tabloid magazine cover for the week. In most cases, Mischa has been left out of the magazine, and if she is mentioned, all she's getting is a small side caption.

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