Sibling Rivalry for the Wilson Brothers

April 17, 2007 By:
Sibling Rivalry for the Wilson Brothers

Note to self: Don't compare Luke Wilson to his brother Owen Wilson, especially their physique. It definitely hits a soft spot for the brown haired brother.

He says, "It does happen a lot. Sometimes these
tabloids will do these things where there'll get a picture of us separately with our shirts off. They'll compare our physiques. Literally every time you'd think it would be a close competition and he'll literally get 77 per cent of the vote and I'll get 11
per cent. It doesn't bother me; I'm very comfortable with my build."

He jokingly adds, "What concerns me is the other 11 per cent that don't vote.

That's what I'm concerned with; they're the people who I want to win over."

Aww isn’t that cute, some brotherly rivalry. I actually think Luke Wilson is cuter than Owen, although Owen does have the better body.