Model Melissa Stetten Live Tweets Pickup Attempt By Married Actor

June 6, 2012 By:
Model Melissa Stetten Live Tweets Pickup Attempt By Married Actor

And this is why Twitter exists, so up-and-coming models with lots of Twitter followers can "out" married B-list actors when they try to hit on them on red-eye flights. #America

Model Melissa Stetten found herself sitting next to some guy named Brian on a plane yesterday. He started hitting on her. She started live-tweeting it. Turns out Brian is an actor named Brian Presley. He is set to star opposite Matthew McConaughey in Thunder Run. He’s married and has a kid. Mellissa Stetten has ruined his life.

She starts the long live-tweeting session with, “No thanks, Brian, the actor sitting next to me on this flight taking about his role with Kurt Russell and his spiritual beliefs.”

Then he starts hitting on her, “Brian just said ‘like us sitting here right now, talking about where we’re from, it’s like divine interception.’ Right, interception.”

Then she "outs" him for being married AND for being a total sleeze.

“Brian has a wedding ring. I ask him how his wife is, he says he just wears the ring because he likes it. Right, Brian.”

“Holy shit, Brian came back from the bathroom WITHOUT his wedding ring on! Watch out, Virgin America, you’ve got a real charmer on board.”

Oh, also, according to an interview that Brian gave to Christianity Today about one month ago, he’s a recovering alcoholic and a born again Christian.

Well, until Melissa "outs" him for getting drunk on the plane.

“Holy shit,” she tweets, “He’s had 3 heinekens and is wasted. Sober? Hardly.”

For all the live-tweeting home-wrecking antics of Melissa and Brian, check out her twitter page.

Assuming she hasn’t deleted it yet.