Liz Hurley Shares Her Secrets To A Successful Life

June 6, 2012 By:
Liz Hurley Shares Her Secrets To A Successful Life

I love it when fancy, beautiful out-of-touch celebrities try to tell us regulars how to live our lives. Like I have time to steam my face every night and spend $100 on crushed diamond lip balm, I just can’t relate to celebrity advice.

Model/actress Liz Hurley gave her “18 Lessons In Life” to aMUSE magazine.

Here are some of the best advice one-liners she gives us that absolutely none of us can recreate.

Liz Hurley admits that she doesn’t diet, because she has her own damn farm.

“I have my own organic farm and only eat my own meat. I don’t eat dairy, but buy it for the family from the farm next door. I grow most of my own vegetables…”

Well, if I lived on the English countryside, I’d slaughter my own cows too.

She tells us not to drink wine and only stick to high-quality vodkas, “I gave up drinking wine and champagne nearly three years ago. If I have a drink, I prefer Grey Goose vodka in a tall glass with lots of ice, the juice of a whole lime and soda water.”

She then spent the majority of the interview talking about vacations.

“…packing for a vacation is mind-boggling for me as I have hundreds of pieces from my own collections from which to choose.”
Obviously, this is a first world problem.

When traveling, she says you must “take a big shawl to snuggle in and Ugg boots” and also “use heaps of moisturizer.”

Oh also, Liz loves to vacation on the beach, “as long as it’s empty.”

I guess when you’re rich you can just buy your own beach?

As the Estee Lauder ambassador, she says, “I always wear make-up as I don’t see the point in looking less than your best…I can get fully made up in five minutes flat; light foundation, blush, eye pencil, eyelash curlers, mascara, a slick of lip gloss and I feel a million times better.”

She also suggests that you tweet, but not too often.

“I don’t take tweeting very seriously and most of my tweets are extremely silly…I only do it for a few minutes a day but I enjoy it.”

Her last bit of advice is to have lots of friends, but not too many male friends, unless they are gay.

“I’ve got lots of both male and female friends and I value them all – their gender is immaterial. I get on equally well with both sexes. I like female company or mixed company but hate being the only girl in all male company – unless it’s all gay, in which case I’m fine!”