Heidi Montag & Spencer Cash In on Fake Engagement

June 5, 2007 By:
Heidi Montag & Spencer Cash In on Fake Engagement

A young Hollywood couple fakes their engagement for press? What a shocker. The 'Hills' stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt got 'engaged' recently in Santa Barbara, CA just 8 months after they initially hooked up.

Sources reveal that the couple's romance is a publicity stunt to gain celebrity status and generate a hefty side income.

"It's an arrangement that suits both of them," says an MTV insider, "they won't be walking down the aisle, they will go through the motions of planning a wedding, and then have a big break-up that will get lots of press. All caught on camera by photographers, of course."

Celebrity Babylon even caught a paparazzi on a hidden camera talking about how the couple made $30,000 just last month off of fake photo ops. Click here to check out the video. That's soooo Hollywood!