David Beckham's Tattoo Artist Advised Against Tattoos

September 26, 2012 By:
David Beckham's Tattoo Artist Advised Against Tattoos

The soccer star’s inked up body was almost pasty and dull…

David Beckham was urged to not get some of his tattoos by none other than his own tattoo artist… Talk about bad for business!

Louis Molloy – the tattoo artist responsible for David’s artwork – recently gave an interview with the UK’s Daily Star in which he explained cautioning the Brit against some of the ink he now sports.

“I spent two years trying to get David not to get the neck one,” he said. “He’ll even tell you himself. I don’t like to do them on the neck, face or hands normally.”

Molloy is a Manchester-based tattoo artist that has been permanently marking skin since 1981. He has since expanded his artwork to a clothing line, LouMolloy clothing.

But even with his pull in the industry, he explained, you can only tell David Beckham so much….

“Let’s face it, he’s not going to find himself out of a job because of it, is he?” he said, adding, “and he must like it because he never had it removed.”

David’s neck art is a Celtic-type cross that parallels his spine leading up from his upper back to hairline. The tattoo is black, and features a pair of angel wings spread behind it, giving the image a floating feel.

The cross is one of over 20 tattoos that are currently taking up real estate across his toned body. Other memorable ink include the names of his four children: “Harper” - along with three cherubs – on his left collarbone, “Brooklyn” on his lower back, “Romeo” on the base of his neck, and “Cruz” on his mid-back.

“Victoria,” for his fashionista wife Victoria Beckham, is also written in Hindu script on David’s forearm.

His newest body art is the word “love” written on his left hand.

There might even be tattoos that David has forgotten he even has…