Damon Dash Going Broke

November 14, 2008 By:
Damon Dash Going Broke

Times have been tough for hip hop mogul Damon Dash, to say the least. According to the NY Daily News, he's about to lose his condos to the bank, his SUV to the city, and he can no longer afford to pay his lawyer.

Would you believe that this is the same man who sold his share in Rocawear to Jay-Z for $20 million? And that was only 3 years ago. Where did all the money go?

"The fall has been a dizzying one for Dash, who has gone from owning Keds, a vodka company and 1,300 pairs of shoes to dodging bills and accusing a former accountant of ripping him off for millions of dollars," according to the New York Daily News.

Damon can't afford his $715 car payment or the $78,500 monthly tab to maintain his two condos in the posh Tribeca area in NYC. To make matters worse, he owes the government $2.1 million in back taxes. He'd better start hitting up Monster.com.