Basinger in Court, Media Out

May 4, 2007 By:
Basinger in Court, Media Out

Kim Basinger went to court today for all the Alec Baldwin drama. After a speech to the courtroom Judge Nelson decided to kick the media out of the courtroom.

"I recognize there is significant media interest in
this matter...the voicemail that came out of this
hearing has been broadcast widely. I'm aware the
public is interested in this case because both parties
are well known actors. The issue, though, before the
court is what is in the best interest of a very young,
11, child...the overriding mental health of the minor
overcomes the right to public access in this case."

Alec Baldwin's attorney, Vicki Greene, made the
following statement in court:

"[Alec] is a wonderful father, he loves Ireland. He is
just a great person and a great dad. I don't know if
all the issues will be resolved today but I know the
communication will be improved. Alec's concerns right
now are to have the best relationship with his