Baldwin Drama Is Never Ending

April 24, 2007 By:
Baldwin Drama Is Never Ending

This Alec Baldwin drama is seems to get worse and worse every day. Ex-wifey Kim Basinger just released a statement denying that she leaked the voicemail message that got Alec in a lot of trouble.

"Kim Basinger did not release the voicemail. Additionally, the voicemail was not sealed under a court order.

Everybody is always asking why this custody battle hasbeen going on for so many years and now they have theanswer. The issue is not about Kim or the allegedalienation that Alec constantly refers to, it is abouthis ongoing aggressive behavior.

Kim's sincerest wish is for him to finally address hisunstable and irrational behavior so he, a some point,can potentially create a relationship with hisdaughter. Until then, Kim will continue to protect andsafeguard her child's well-being as any parentwould."

The hearing to determine custody is set for May 4th. The judge will decide if the dirty voicemail Baldwin left for his daughter will affect the custody of his daughter Ireland.