Aussie Band Strange Talk Makes Some Noise!

August 8, 2011 By:
Aussie Band Strange Talk Makes Some Noise!

We’ve been looking for something original to dance to ever since MGMT fell off the radar. Get ready to sweat, because Aussie band Strange Talk is bringing a renaissance of electropop that will make you move.

Strange Talk have been compared to Friendly Fires, Pheonix and Passion Pit, but there’s no denying the originality in their sound. That’s partially due to the fact that their members come from strikingly different music backgrounds. Vocalist Stephen Docker is a classically trained musician who played violin for the Australian Youth Orchestra. Mix that with Melbourne DJ Gerard Sidhu, who plays bass and concentrates on drum machines and house music, and the end result is a beautiful but totally danceable sound.

Along with Sidhu and Docker, the band consists of Travis Constable and Gillan Gregory, and they’ve been touring Australia throughout the month. They were just in LA shooting their new interactive music video set to release on Aug 15. Among their musical likes, the band includes: Kings of Leon, Coldplay, and the Arctic Monkeys.

The four members worked together tirelessly for two months, finally producing their debut EP, Strange Talk. With four strong, catchy tracks, the EP was produced by indie king Eliot James. The band’s single, Climbing Walls, is full track with a sensitive melody and a fast, fun beat, available for download now.