Antonio: Melanie's a Victim of Old Age

June 25, 2007 By:
Antonio: Melanie's a Victim of Old Age

Antonio Banderas says his wife Melanie Griffith is a victim of old age and if it were possible for movie execs to digitally remove wrinkles, she could be a big star again.

He says, "She's a victim of aging. When you have wrinkles, it seems you stop being an actress. It's very unfair. I'd be depressed about not getting roles, but she's not. In the future, they'll remove wrinkles digitally, so you may see Melanie on screen anyway!"

When asked what he plans on doing when he becomes 'a victim of old age' Banderas replied, "I accept my age. If I lose my hair and develop a fat belly, I'll do some character roles."

Do you guys think Melanie's career is over because of her looks or just because she's not that great of an actress?