Miranda Kerr Strips Down For Harper's Bazaar

August 9, 2012 By:
Miranda Kerr Strips Down For Harper's Bazaar

Miranda Kerr models naked on the inside pages of the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Just to make you feel bad about your own body, Miranda has a one-year old child that she birthed out of her own who-hah despite having a waist that's the size of two of my pinkies.

Miranda Kerr, I’m actually starting to believe that you are in fact not human but a conspiracy theory cooked up by the Australian government and Victoria’s Secret to make women buy diet products and believe in yoga.

Anyway, in Miranda Kerr’s less-than-enlightening interview where she says “boots are empowering” and then mentions all the different foods she eats but gets stumped after “berries and vegetables,” let’s just ogle these devastatingly beautiful photos.

Miranda Kerr isn’t the only VS model to bounce back super quickly after baby. Maybe it’s because their bodies are their career, but the Victoria's Secret models, both past and present, have an inhuman-like ability to regain their bodies after they give birth.

Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth in May to her second child. She immediately donned a bathing suit and was seen traipsing around Malibu. She’s also starring in a new modeling campaign for Colcci with Ashton Kutcher where he appears fully clothed and is naked.

Giselle Bundchen is another VS factory made diva who didn’t let her pregnancy slow her down. She appeared on the cover of Vogue’s annual Shape Issue, which highlights shapely woman, just six weeks after giving birth.

Adrianna Lima made her return to the Victoria Secret annual catwalk show six months after giving birth. She just got knocked up for the second time.

If we’re talking body-after-baby, don’t even get me started on Heidi Klum. She’s pushed out an entire Kindergarten class from her who-hah. Just last year she appeared nude in promos for “Project Runway” years after we thought she had retired nude photo ops.