Miranda Kerr Dishes on Orlando, Modeling and Family

November 27, 2008 By:
Miranda Kerr Dishes on Orlando, Modeling and Family

Victoria's hottest Angel Miranda Kerr graces the new cover of Page Six Magazine due out this Sunday in the NY Post. In the article, the angel talks about her jet-setting lifestyle, her relationship with Orlando Bloom and being an international model. Here are some tidbits from the article...

On her jet-setting lifestyle working as a Victoria’s Secret Angel:

“In the last 22 days I’ve been to eight different countries. Honestly, I’m always on an airplane. I spend a lot of time on beautiful little islands, but generally its one day here and then flying, then one day there, then fly. But I feel very grateful to have so much work, especially with the economy how it is.”

On her relationship with Orlando Bloom:

“Everyone asks me to talk about him and they get really annoyed with me when I say no, but if you want to know about him, why don’t you go and ask him? I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.”

On being approached to model:

“I was so reluctant to do it at first. I was like ‘Eh, models, they’re like this or like that,’ which was totally wrong on my behalf. But I just felt like I wanted to do something with a bit more substance.”

On having a family one day:

“I’ve always wanted kids, so…someday…eventually, yes, it will happen. My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch. When this is all over that’s where I’ll be.”