Miranda Kerr Addresses Engagement Rumors

February 23, 2010 By:
Miranda Kerr Addresses Engagement Rumors

Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are happily in love, but they have no plans to tie the knot--not yet at least.

Miranda and Orlando have been dodging engagement rumors for months now, but she's finally addressing them--and explaining how they started in the first place!

“I think Orlando is an incredible man and he’s a very genuine and authentic individual,” she said.

“I’m grateful that he’s in my life. No, we’re not engaged. You can’t always believe everything you read!”

In regards to the ring she was wearing at the Cannes Film Festival, which started the engagement rumors, Kerr said, "We were in Cannes at the film festival and it was so hot that my fingers were swelling,” she said.

“I was wearing it on that finger because that’s the only one it would fit on. It was totally an innocent thing.”

We're still hoping Orlando is going to go ring shopping soon and pop the question, we just love these two together!