Miranda and Orlando Still Happy Together

July 18, 2008 By:
Miranda and Orlando Still Happy Together

Phew! We can all breath a sigh of relief because those rumors of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom breaking up are untrue. The fact that there were rumors of the two breaking up was not the painful part, but the part where she was apparently in the arms of Brandon Davis was the really grossed-out part of the story.

Kerr's younger brother Matthew and Mother Therese say that they are "frustrated and upset" to see untrue stories about their daughter/sister in all the magazines.

There were rumors that Miranda was out at a nightclub and was apparently seen "full on making out” with Greasy Bear.

Miranda’s brother says that he knows that this is all a fabricated story because he was with his sister when this alleged full on make out session happened.

He tells the Daily Telegraph, "We were just out with a few other friends from Australia having a good time and we bumped into Brandon while we were at 10ak."

"They have been friends for a while and we just said hi, chatted for a bit and that was it," he added. "There definitely wasn't any kissing - nothing could be further from the truth."

Why would she even be friends with such a grease ball? Not a good person to be associated with.

Mathew also said that Miranda is still with Orlando and the two are extremely happy and will be together in Paris next week.