Minnie Driver Won't Tell Us Who Her Baby Daddy Is

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Minnie Driver Won\'t Tell Us Who Her Baby Daddy Is
Minnie Driver is six months pregnant and we still don't know who the baby daddy is! She has confirmed to the U.K. Independent though that it's not who we all thought it was, San Fran musician Craig Zolezzi.

She says, "Craig's not the dad! He's my great friend and he's been so cool about it. I want to shield the baby's dad as much as I can because it wasn't his choice to get roped into all this stuff. It'll come out in time and there'll be some other bump people will be interested in and I'll have this baby and get on with my life."

Minnie is saying that the father is British, and "sort of" in the same business, and busy like she is. As for if she'll raise the baby in the U.S. or England, she's on the fence. "A big part of me wants my child to be English. My family are here and I'm sure I'll move back here one day. It's just that my work, and the opportunities I've had, have been so varied and wonderful in the States that I've just followed my nose really. There's an ease living in America, and you're judged far more harshly in Britain for your artistic endeavors. But, obviously politically, in America, it's a bloody mess."
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