Minka Kelly Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

July 23, 2012 By:

You all know Minka Kelly, right? She’s the hot chick from “Parenthood” and “Friday Night Lights.” Well, now you can know her as Minka Kelly, the hot chick from that raunchy sex tape.

Oh yeah… Minka Kelly is reportedly the latest star to be caught on camera doing the dirty deed. A sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend has surfaced and is currently being shopped around.

TMZ broke the news about the naughty opus…

The video is about 30 minutes long. It features a one-on-one sexual encounter with Minka and the man. Compared to some tapes, this one is shot in a pretty professional manner. The camera is on a tripod and fixed to a monitor so that the two lovebirds can watch a real time play-by-play of how they are doing.

Minka appears fully aware that she is being filmed.

What makes the news even more of a shocker is that Minka is reportedly underage at the time of filming. The reason that some are drawing that conclusion is because two songs from Brandy’s album Never Say Never are featured in the background.

That album came out on June 8, 1988. Minka turned 18 on June 24 of that same year. However, some of the singles from the album were available prior to the album’s official release date.

Some skeptics believe that the songs were placed in the soundtrack post penetration to make Minka appear to be a minor in the film. Sneaky, sneaky..

No statement has been released from Minka yet.