Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter are Back On!

December 31, 2011 By:
Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter are Back On!

Thank goodness! I was really starting to worry who Minka Kelly was going to date if she stayed single for too long. I mean, the Holy Quartet of eligible Hollywood Bachelors are all taken: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have girlfriends, hook-up buddies, or Victoria’s Secret models, so Minka Kelly is lucky to be back together with New York Yankees short-stop Derek Jeter.

The couple dated for three years before announcing this August that they had broken up.

However, the couple was spotted strolling around the Musee D’Orsay in Paris, France yesterday which means they are probably spending New Years Eve together, and you don’t “do NYE” with an ex-boyfriend. How awkward. Derek: Hey, it’s time for that New Years kiss? Minka: Omigod so much champagne, gotta go call my mom? Sorry, bye!

A source told Life & Style that they were taking in the artwork at the museum and looking very much like a couple.

Also, Minka was spotted at the Pont Royal Hotel in Paris on Dec. 27, making us wonder if they spent Christmas together. The couple was supposedly close to being engaged before they abruptly ended their relationship this summer. Well, they’ve got one heck of a New Years Resolution: Don’t break up in 2012!

Mind you, Derek Jeter was rumored to have been sleeping with tons of random girls after he broke up with Minka, kicking out the one-night-stands in the early morning, and sending the ladies home with a gift bag of signed NY Yankees memorabilia, with is both hilarious and tacky. Let’s hope Jeter has a very good explanation about all this for Minka, either that or a really nice gift set.