Has Minka Kelly Already Moved On?

August 27, 2011 By:
Has Minka Kelly Already Moved On?

Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter just broke up, but clearly Minka isn’t sitting around shedding any tears over the split. In fact, she has reportedly already moved on.

According to People magazine, Minka has been spending a lot of time with her ‘Charlie’s Angeles’ co-star Ramon Rodriguez.

"We have seen Minka and Ramon talking in his trailer way after hours, and often late into the night," a source on the set tells People.

"They have been together long after they need to be for the show."

Another source is trying to downplay the hookup rumors. "They're just friends. Ramon is basically the only guy on set so of course they all hang out with him."

Minka and Derek dated for three years before splitting this week. They were so private about their relationship, no one even knew if they were officially engaged or if it was a rumor they refused to comment on.

And while we were surprised to hear about the split, apparently so were their friends.

A friend told Page Six: “They didn’t want anyone to know they were breaking up until they had talked it all through. Their friends are shocked. But it seems to have happened in an amicable way. They aren’t saying bad things about each other. There was no huge drama. He’s under a lot of pressure with the Yankees, is married to the team, and she is working hard on a big TV show.”

Another source said: “They separated a couple of weeks ago. This has been hard. Like any relationship, breaking up is not easy. They were often apart because of work. They never lived together and were never formally engaged. She’s shooting in Miami and lives in LA, but she’s barely ever there.”

They were such a private couple one of the only times she’s referenced him in an interview was when she was asked about rumors that she flipped out after her dog couldn’t fly first class on a plane, and she called Jeter for help.

"Do people think that somewhere in my brain I think Derek can save me from someone telling me my dog can't fly?" she says. "If that's the way I worked, he would have left me a long time ago."

And while Minka didn’t wasting any time getting over the breakup, I doubt Derek is either. He’s such a ladies man I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already hooked up with an A-list star since their split was announced.

Derek has previously dated Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and so much more. Who do you think Derek will hook up with next, now that Minka has moved on?