Why Mindy Kaling’s Dating Life Is Exactly Like Yours

January 16, 2014 By:
Why Mindy Kaling’s Dating Life Is Exactly Like Yours
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Mindy Kaling is a strong, funny, flawless, and independent KWEEN, taking Hollywood by storm. One. Man. At. A. Time.

Oh, who are we kidding. Mindy’s dating life (well, her on-screen love life, that is) is no better than yours, meaning, lots of Beyoncé playlists and Thai takeout on speed dial.

Don’t freak out, but Mindy Kaling’s dating life is exactly like yours.


You both have the same type.

So…Chris Hemsworth…exclusively.


You both have some basic standards.


Mindy reacted just like you did when your high school BFF asked for the name of your plus 1 to her wedding.


She understands your priorities.

Apple picking is completely interchangeable with “farmers markets” and/or “food trucks.”


She understands that dancing with a bunch of partially-employed 21-year-olds to Ke$ha songs is never a dating pool you want to jump into.


She’s also fallen prey to the weird charisma of baristas.


You've spent exactly one Friday night like this. #NoShame


She would rather die than CALL. A. GUY. Ever.


She realizes that Kim Kardashian’s life is essentially perfect now.

Though, if we’re talking rap moguls, we’d rather find our Jay Z…let’s be real.


Of course, you’ve both seen the Julia Robert’s masterpiece, Eat, Pray, Love.

And literally live and breathe by its mantra. Also, who even knew it was a book?


If you met Mindy, you’d probably fight over the same guy.


You both have guy friends that you could maybe end up with if you had to…

…or not. 


She’s got her shit in order, just like you.


She uses your same default “make him jealous” lie.


She’s basically reading your mind right now.


And when the love of your life breaks your heart, or your last five Tinder dates all turn out to be sociopaths with misleading photos, Mindy knows exactly how you feel…

Cheer up single ethnically ambiguous twenty/thirty-something, Mindy Kaling’s dating life isn’t any better than yours, and she’s a celebrity.