Will Hollywood Drive Miley Cyrus Back to Tennessee?

March 31, 2009 By:
Will Hollywood Drive Miley Cyrus Back to Tennessee?

Miley Cyrus is on top of the world. The 16 year-old starlet has taken over the small screen, music charts and now will be taking over the big screen with her latest flick Hannah Montana: The Movie.

The film also stars her real life father Billy Ray Cyrus, who plays Miley Stewart's father and takes "Hannah Montana" back home to Tennessee when her pop star lifestyle spirals out of control.

Is life-imitating art for Miley? Being a celebrity is hard enough, so it can certainly be overwhelming for a teenager who finds fame and success in a town that has seen the rise and fall of many stars.

Like any protective father, Billy Ray's main concern for his superstar daughter is to avoid the pitfalls of Hollywood. So would he consider taking her back to Tennessee?

Speaking to Hollyscoop.com exclusively at the Hannah Montana press junket, Billy Ray said, “The only thing I’ve ever told Miley about going back to Tennessee, you know other than when I did get to tell her the news that were going home to make the film, is if she ever gets tired of this and you know wants to go back home I’d be the first one in the truck and I’d drive.

"If she ever wants to get away from this rat race. I’ll take her there. All I want from her is to be happy. She’s done plenty enough for a lifetime. Whatever it is that makes her happy, makes her smile the most, that is a good thing.”

So with the constant media scrutiny surrounding her personal life and career, is Miley really happy?

"People are always saying I’m over-working and overexposed and that’s what I want is all the attention but that’s not what I want at all. I can’t help it if there are 40 photographers outside my house -- I try to keep my life as private as I can," Miley told Fox News.

She added, "If I had known coming into this that I would have all those photographers outside my house I might have given it all a second thought."

Luckily, Miley isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but she may be retiring her Hannah Montana character soon. Hey Hilary Duff put Lizzie McGuire to rest and she's done pretty well for herself since!