Whoa! See Miley Cyrus’ Inappropriate Pumpkins

October 30, 2013 By:
Whoa! See Miley Cyrus’ Inappropriate Pumpkins
Image By: Twitter

It’s Miley’s pumpkins just bein’ Miley’s pumpkins.

Miley Cyrus has gotten into the holiday spirit the only way she can these days and showed off her Halloween pumpkins on Twitter this morning.

At the witching hour, she tweeted a photo of three carved pumpkins and needless to say, they are explicit.

Or as she captioned it: “xxxxxxplicit p*rnkinzzz #beware #happyf*ckinghalloween”

One highlights a couple in a sexual position, another flaunts the pop singer's love of weed, and then a third pumpkin is simply NSFW.

If you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating tomorrow night, you may want to skip Miley’s house or shield their eyes from her doorstep.