VIDEO: See Miley Cyrus Channel Her Southern Roots On 'Two and a Half Men'

October 15, 2012 By:
VIDEO: See Miley Cyrus Channel Her Southern Roots On 'Two and a Half Men'

And on this day, the 15th of October, just like the Mayan calendar predicted it would, Miley Cyrus has made her return to television.

The first sneak peek of Miley on “Two and a Half Men” has debuted, and it’s surprisingly not NOT funny.

Miley plays a fast talking southern hood rat (a ‘la herself) named Missi, “short for Mississippi, the river, not the state,” as she says in the clip.

She kind of word vomits at Jon Cryer and I couldn’t help but chuckle, especially when she joked, “I got stung by a jellyfish, my friend had to pee on mah leg!”

Apparently Miley is taking this whole “comeback” thing real seriously.

Miley showed up to Jay Leno on Friday night but she left her shirt at home.

I’m so serious, Miley rocked her infamous high-waisted skirt with a bra-top for the Leno appearance, except this one was like she just put two pieces of felt near her boobs and forgot about it.

Inappropriate wardrobe aside, Miley revealed that she was basically handed the role on TAHM, “I’d been wanting to work with Ashton for a while. I’d been waiting to take time away from music to work on [acting]. He offered this to me when he first got the show.”

Talking about her role, she told Jay, “I play someone that can’t shut up,” and then joked “I had to do a lot of research and character building.” It’s funny because she’s being sarcastic.

She also joked that since she plays the ½ man, Angus T. Jones’ girlfriend in the episode, she had to remember to take off her engagement ring.

“I had to take off my ring and make-out with this guy, I felt like a creep.”

Miley Cyrus on joining the cast of Two and a Half Men: