Video: Miley Cusses Out Pap After Pregnancy Rumors

June 20, 2013 By:
Video: Miley Cusses Out Pap After Pregnancy Rumors

Last night, Miley Cyrus was spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills. For the average person this is basic and boring, but for a celebrity…this is a huge deal. Why? Because somewhere in the sands of celebrity time…someone decided that any time a celeb goes to a doctor’s office, it’s because they are pregnant.

As Miley was leaving the office, some paparazzi said, “Hey Miley, are you pregnant?”

To which Miley responded, “I’m sick, you b*tch.”

True. Miley is sick. According to the doctor’s papers that she was waving at the photographers, to ensure a good picture…Miley has laryngitis!

We can’t stop? Well apparently she MUST stop or she’s not going to be able to turn out (turn up?) more stoner anthems for the ratchets.

Watch the video below. It is EVERYTHING. Miley is such a bad b*tch, shutting down those pregnancy rumors.