Tune In This Weekend: Hollyscoop’s WTF Moment

August 17, 2012 By:
Tune In This Weekend: Hollyscoop’s WTF Moment

It’s a tribute to all the celebrities that make our jaws drop and our eyes pop!

This weekend on a new episode of Hollyscoop, we’re rounding up all the outrageous moments from the week. And, as is usually the case with Hollywood, there’s plenty of absurdity to go around…

First up, we’ll tackle Miley Cyrus’ new haircut that has been featured on everything from tabloids to Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter account.

Though she’s shocked us before with an unexpected engagement announcement and a long list of wacky public wardrobe choices, nothing could truly prepare us for the picture that she tweeted of her newest look.

Miley got cray-cray, slicing and dicing her hair until there was little more than a few inches left. The remainder of her hairdo was bleached platinum blonde and trimmed in a punk-rock, boy cut style.


The move was so drastic that we decided to try it out for ourselves. Check out Diana, Nora, Ani and even Brian in the “Miley.” Not bad…

Also on tap for in our featured WTFs is a comment that 50 Cent made about the leading lady of reality television, Kim Kardashian. During an interview with hip-hop magazine, XXL, the rapper referenced Kanye’s new girlfriend, saying that, “one man's trash is another man's treasure."


Lastly, we dig deep into Kate Middleton elaborate skin care regiment and let you know why exactly it costs this British stunner $35K a year to maintain her royally flawless appearance.

For the full story on these WTF moments, tune into Hollyscoop this weekend. Check our site for your local listings