See the Nastiest Photos of Miley Cyrus Ever

October 3, 2013 By:
See the Nastiest Photos of Miley Cyrus Ever
Image By: Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus has mastered the art of keeping her name in the headlines.

Today, with these new photos by celeb photographer Terry Richardson, Miley reaches her daily quota of having 1,200 stories written about her per day and it’s barely midday. Congratulations! Someone please inform Guinness because this has to be a new world record for Miley and The Movement.

With one flap of her renegade tongue, Miley said sayonara to her cookie-cutter Hannah Montana image and quickly made a name for herself as a Celebrity Who No Longer Shocks Us.

Then these photos arrived. Let’s go through these images while clutching a bottle of hand sanitizer, shall we? 

1. Here’s Miley’s breast having a nip slip and her mouth having a tongue slip.

2. Miley’s definition of “covering up.”

3. Apparently there’s a cup holder down there.

4. Um, okay?!?!


6. Oh, that’s why – you’re hella high.

7. Bet this tasted better than a sledgehammer.

Clearly, Miley still has the media’s undivided attention, discussing the next chapter in her career. Is her music good? Do you like her new single? Who knows? Who cares?! LOOK AT HER GRAB HER BOOBS.