See Miley's Raunchy & Ridiculous Performance

June 26, 2013 By:
See Miley's Raunchy & Ridiculous Performance

Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” makeover has evolved into the performance portion and let’s just say, she’s still figuring it out.

Miley performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night to an uncharacteristically huge audience (for a late-night show) in a crop top, underwear and thigh-high Louboutins.

Miley started the performance straddling one of her backup dancers in the world’s laziest lap dance and throughout the show she would occasionally grind on her female dancers as well.

Basically, Miley walked around on unsteady feet and kind of half-a*sed a twerk-free performance. Her vocals were on point though. Clearly, Miley can talk the ratchet talk, but cannot walk-the-walk. There wasn’t even one booty-pop in sight.  

Then, Miley wore her thigh-high boots into the interview portion (overachiever) and talked about being a stoner with Snoop Lion.

Miley appeared on Snoop’s song “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” and almost everyone was like, “what a weird collaboration” but Miley says her friendship with Snoop is super normal, because they both like getting high.

“He’s so high,” Jimmy says of Snoop, to which Miley responded, “Me too, so it’s fine. We both are. That’s why we get along so well.”

Watch Miley’s ridiculous performance below: