See Miley's Most Ratchet Video Ever

September 24, 2013 By:
See Miley's Most Ratchet Video Ever

Miley Cyrus is so far into ratchetville, it’s not even interesting anymore.

Oh, Miley’s rapping and smoking in a bathroom and according to the media, “acting black?” Yeah? Okay, and your point is?

If Miley is slowly transforming into the person she was meant to be…then this is the crowning moment.

Miley, Mike WiLL Made It, and Wiz Khalifa debuted their video for “23,” which we think is supposed to be an ode to Michael Jordan, but really, it’s just Miley rapping (yes, actually rapping), wearing a jersey that she turned into a slut-dress, hanging out in a basketball hoop and biting her lip in HD close-ups.

Also, for whatever reason, the video takes place in a high school (Ratchet High?) and everyone in the school looks like they haven’t slept since Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” house party.

Just watch the damn thing.