See Miley Cyrus’ Surprisingly Demure Photo Shoot

August 8, 2013 By:
See Miley Cyrus’ Surprisingly Demure Photo Shoot

When Miley Cyrus isn’t wearing a crop top and revealing 90% of her body, she’s wearing dainty gowns and looking shockingly GORGE.

Have you EVER seen this side of Miley? No, you have not. She never looks this good, ever.

Lap it up fanz. Harper’s Bazaar has captured all of Miley’s most glorious moments in this beautiful new photo shoot. 

When she put on cool shades and leaned back, like a true boss.

When she was like “back off, I’m tryna sunbathe here.”

When she welcomed us to her house in very suggestive lingerie.

When she leaned against the wall, because standing is hard, you guys!

When she rode a motorcycle, but not really.

When she just HAD to take her heels off after the gala.

When she traipsed through the fields in this.