See Miley Cyrus Punk Liam Hemsworth on Punk'd

March 6, 2012 By:
See Miley Cyrus Punk Liam Hemsworth on Punk'd

Miley Cyrus gets into a car with her boyfriend and some naked people. What's new, Miley? Ok, that's true...kind of. Keep reading.

Miley Cyrus is kind of obsessed with Punking her friends. In the new season of “Punk’d” Miley Cyrus has already pranked Khloe Kardashian by convincing her that the delivery guy zipped his balls into his pants, now Miley is pranking her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

A clip from the episode has surfaced and shows Miley totally pranking her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth by making him think there are naked people jumping into Miley’s SUV.

However, with Miley’s antics (weed cakes, penis cakes) is a couple of naked people jumping into her car that weird? Yeah, it’s still weird.

In the video, a naked couple jump into Miley’s car and she yells out, “Oh, my God, babe – there are two naked people in my car right now.” Then Liam gets in beast-mode and starts hammering on the window, yelling “By the hammer of Thor” – Oh, wrong Hemsworth brother. It’s Chris Hemsworth that was in “Thor.”

So Liam starts banging on the window and is like, “Get out of the f-cking car right now!”

I’m actually afraid for the naked people’s future, Liam looks angry. See the video below!