Rihanna Tries to Out Twerk Miley

November 19, 2013 By:
Rihanna Tries to Out Twerk Miley
Image By: Getty Images / Marianna Massey

“Twerk.” You thought you’d never hear the word again and we’re sorry. Sorry to bring it up just as it was about to be buried in a 2013 time capsule, but then Rihanna had to come along with this Instagram video.

While wrapping up her Diamonds world tour in New Orleans, RiRi showed her excitement with a classic interpretive modern dance called the twerk.

Her bestie Melissa Forde shared three videos of Rihanna dancing up against a curtain wearing only a black sports bra and sweatpants.

Not that it was really a competition, but where Miley’s looked like twerking with training wheels, Rihanna looks like she’s been riding this bike for years.