PETA Gives Miley a Passionate Citizen Award

April 14, 2009 By:
PETA Gives Miley a Passionate Citizen Award

For once, PETA has some kind words to say to someone. Peta2, which is the youth division of the organization, have honored Miley Cyrus with a Compassionate Citizen Award.

They’re recognizing Miley Cyrus for her kindness towards chickens that were used during the filming of the Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Miley reportedly became so attached to one of the chickens that she took it home with her —and sent several others home with her mother. Miley reportedly felt sorry for the chickens because “they were sad to be working.”

Cue the “awwwwws.” Dan Shannon, PETA’s assistant director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns, says, “Miley’s heart is as big as her smile. We hope that her act of compassion will inspire her fans to be kind to animals too.”

Later this month, Miley will receive a framed certificate and a card signed by PETA staffers to acknowledge her Compassionate Citizen Award.

Well that’s certainly a first from PETA! Now Miley better not mess it up by wearing a leather jacket out in public!