Paris Jackson Steals Miley Cyrus' Haircut

October 1, 2012 By:
Paris Jackson Steals Miley Cyrus' Haircut

Clearly Miley Cyrus has started a trend. After Miley chopped off her long locks in favor of a Mohawk/bowl cut trend, Michael Jackson’s offspring Paris Jackson has done the same.

All the teens girls want to trade in their pretty hair for androgynous bucket haircuts, and 14-year-old Paris is the next to jump on the trend.

Debuting a picture on Instagram, Paris rocks long side bangs and short-cropped hair.

However, upon closer inspection, it appears that Paris just pulled her hair back. Maybe in anticipation of a new short haircut?

Actually on September 28, Paris tweeted:

Maybe she did cut it and gave her hair to charity? Gosh, if only she’d upload more pictures of her hair! I need more evidence! If this was Miley’s Instagram account, there would be at least 5 new hair uploads per hour!

When Miley did cut her hair, Paris was one of the few people that jumped to her defense, “I don’t know why people keep hating Miley’s new cut....I love it!! She’s being herself & she’s being different and I love her for that.”

She loved it so much, she had to get one herself.