Oh God, Miley Cyrus Has ANOTHER Rap Song

June 4, 2014 By:
Oh God, Miley Cyrus Has ANOTHER Rap Song
Image By: Getty Images / Erick James

When is Miley Cyrus going to quit rapping and just sit down already?

Miley, the Urban Princess of Hip-Hop, or whatever she’s doing now, just released a new song called “Pretty Girls (Fun).”

It’s about pretty girls having fun, or whatever, and Miley does that nasally atonal talking/singing thing that we’ve come to know and put up with from songs like “23” and “We Can’t Stop.”

Of course, her fans already LOVE the song, writing comments like, “I love it, you are amazing miley!” and also “This is a good song.”

Can’t keep a stan down, we guess?

We haven’t mentioned that the song is 90% beats and 10% Miley rapping “If you came here to have a good time, turn up.”

Miley, why don’t you turn down for a minute or like, forever?

Listen to the song below.