New Miley Video Pisses off Parents

October 11, 2010 By:
New Miley Video Pisses off Parents

Miley Cyrus has gone and pissed off the parental units again. Her latest music video for her song "Who Knows My Heart" has been deemed "unfortunate" by the Parents Television Council.

"It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one," Tim Winter, the president of PTC, told TMZ.

"It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point. Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly," Winter added.

We saw this criticism coming a mile away! We have to agree with the parents on this one--she does look a little sexy for her age. At least wait til you're 18 have one more year. Until then, just keep your clothes on!

In case you missed it, check out the video below...