Most Ridiculous Quotes of the Week: Miley on Drugs, Jen’s Life in Ruins

June 28, 2013 By:
Most Ridiculous Quotes of the Week: Miley on Drugs, Jen’s Life in Ruins

Week after week we comb through all the tabloids—just digging through the dirt so you don't have to over here at Hollyscoop—to find some of the juiciest gossip that's making its way directly from Hollywood to your nearest dentist's waiting room and airplane front seat pocket.

But there are some stories that are so out there and far-fetched, the kind bordering on blind item fan-fiction, that we'd be remiss not to share. Happy Friday reading! Enjoy!


“She’s extremely pale and rarely bathes. And she gets in moods where she violently trashes her house!”

“I went into the bathroom and saw four girls trying to squeeze into a stall. The door was open, so people could see. They were screaming and laughing and being so loud. Miley put her finger over one nostril, bent down over the back of the toilet and snorted a white powder off it. I watched her do it.” “It was so weird—she almost looked like she didn’t care that people saw her!”


Now Jens’ alone with her Smartwater stash and yoga mats, rattling around the SoCal mansion while Justin’s 3,000 miles away in his beloved NYC, taking meetings, studying scripts and tooling through traffic on his BMW motorcycle. “Jen’s life is in ruins,” a close friend tells OK!

She’s very irritable at the moment and even snapped at him for spending too long in the sauna—something he religiously does every morning with his paper. Then he let [loose] when she simply couldn’t make up her mind over what color carpet she wanted in the bedroom—she had several choices but to him they all looked the same! “They’re both totally miserable as hell.”


“She wants to rebuild her career; she’s talking about taking improv classes in L.A., and maybe writing down some of her stories for a book.”