‘Miserable’ Miley Cyrus Accidentally Shares Private Conversation

July 26, 2013 By:
‘Miserable’ Miley Cyrus Accidentally Shares Private Conversation

Or that’s her explanation at least…

Here’s how it all happened. (Again, all super accidental and totally spontaneous, and not at all intentional, you guys!)

Miley Cyrus has been traveling Europe and lately her health hasn’t been 100%. She’s mentioned this a few times before—the culprit is food poisoning—but this is Miley we’re talking about, so we know she’ll pull through.

Anyway, in Things You Can’t Believe Are News, Miley was texting with a friend named “FEFE” at around 10 p.m., a slightly concerning exchange, and she accidentally ended up butt-tweeting it to over 12.5 million followers.

In the message, Miley says she’s “miserable,” crying herself to sleep, and taking “a zanny” to cope with it all. (“Zanny” is Xanax, duh, what’re you? 100?)

Miley’s a celebrity, and it’s a contentious tweet, so of course it was deleted in no time. Her explanation? She actually had multiple explanations for the troubling tweet, which is suspicious in and of itself. First, she resorted to saying it was a hacking fiasco. Then she deleted that tweet and gave us this final explanation:

Always blame it on the booty, Miley. And we have to say, this is one talented butt. Not only can it twerk… It can hack phones. It can get shout-outs from Jay Z. It can tweet.