Miley's New Guy is a Dog...

February 9, 2011 By:
Miley's New Guy is a Dog...

Miley Cyrus wants to clear up any rumors that she’s dating actor Josh
, aka Amy Winehouse’s ex, aka the dude that's probably crawling with disease. Cyrus
was spotted sitting in Bowman’s lap in Griffith Park on Sunday.

“We’re really good friends and he takes really good care of my dog, so that
was rad,” Cyrus said.

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Either Cyrus is still coming down from the salvia, or she has a completely
f-ed up concept of what a friend is. I do a lot of weird shit with my

One thing I don’t do is make them open their legs so I can plant
my ass in their crotch. And I don’t even know what she means by “takes
really good care of my dog,” unless “dog” is a euphemism for something else
(like vagina, hehehehe!)

Miley and Bowman met while filming So Undercover, an upcoming movie that
sounds just great. I mean, I'm sure it has a very original storyline and the
cinematography is magnificent.

Apparently Miley’s mom really likes Bowman as well.

“My mom thinks I’m gonna have no friends left because all I do is spend time
with the dog. Like right now I’m texting the dog sitter, ‘How’s my puppy?’”

(That last quote works especially well if you keep up with the vagina
euphemism. Go ahead, reread it, I’ll wait.) So basically, her mom likes the
guy by default because her daughter has no other friends. And I bet she has
no friends because she’s one of those people that texts while they’re
talking to you.