Miley's Camp Tried to Buy Bong Videos

December 13, 2010 By:
Miley's Camp Tried to Buy Bong Videos

Miley Cyrus' camp is having a hard time keeping up with all her indiscretions.

The Miley bong video we all got a kick out of was never supposed to be released because Miley's camp tried to pay people off in exchange for the video.

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According to TMZ, someone contacted her camp about the video right before Thanksgiving.

Someone from her camp agreed to pay for the video but ultimately the college student that had the video ended up exchanging his Mac Book pro laptop for a brand new one that her camp paid for. No money was exchanged.

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A similar situation happened with another college student. There was a laptop switcheroo, but at the end her camp had a hard time tracking down all the videos and one was eventually leaked.

Sources tell Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY that there are tons of racy photos from her birthday and the bong night that may be released soon as well. Now that Lindsay's in rehab, looks like Miley's is Hollywood’s new bad girl.