Miley's Boyfriend Makes Her Quit Twitter

October 8, 2009 By:
Miley's Boyfriend Makes Her Quit Twitter

Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth must have a lot of say in her life because she's shut down her Twitter page for him.

"FYI Liam doesn't have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason," Miley Tweeted before she deleted her account.

According to Popeater, in another tweet, she wrote, "I'm the happiest I've ever been & for that my family's SO grateful. So for LAME bloggers that don't know what they're talking about SHUT UP!"

And Miley isn't the only one leaving Twitter for good, her mother Tish also said bye bye to the social networking site.

Miley fans aren't too happy with Liam for asking his famous girlfriend to close her account and are currently rallying for her to return. What do you think of Miley shutting down her Twitter page for someone she's been dating for like 3 seconds? Tell us your thoughts!