Miley Supports Bieber’s Weed Habit

October 7, 2013 By:
Miley Supports Bieber’s Weed Habit
Image By: Twitter

Miley Cyrus must’ve gone shopping high as a kite because check out what she just had to buy the other day…

This graphic tee of Justin Bieber smoking a blunt.

The novelty tank top features the phrase “REEFER FEVER” with a smiling, squinting, smoking Justin surrounded by a neon green marijuana leaf.

In the accompanying caption, Miley threw her support (like a wrecking balllllllll) behind the drug and Bieber himself.

“@justinbieber FO LIFE,” she wrote to the pop star.

The timing couldn’t be more coincidental considering Justin is also in the news today for a separate weed story.

TMZ caught a whiff of an Instagram photo circulating that shows Justin allegedly lighting up at a party—though sources close to the singer are claiming it's the result of some crafty Photoshopping.

Take a look for yourself and then make up your mind…