Miley Stops Her Dad from Appearing on The View

February 22, 2011 By:
Miley Stops Her Dad from Appearing on The View

Billy Ray Cyrus was scheduled to appear on this Wednesday’s episode of The View, but daughter Miley Cyrus convinced him to cancel. And you know Billy Ray is disappointed that he “don’t get to be on that dang ol’ show with them reporter ladies.”

A source told PopEater: “Only last week, Billy shot his mouth off in GQ, and now he planned to sit down with Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg and talk more crap about his family. No way would Miley or her team let that happen.”

I don’t know what’s sadder. That the only reason Billy Ray is relevant is because he cashed in on his daughter, or that the only reason he’s relevant is because of Achy Breaky Heart. Either way, it’s devastating.

The source told PopEater that Miley wanted to believe GQ tricked her dad into saying things, but when he agreed to be on The View, she knew better.

“Miley truly wanted to give her father the benefit of the doubt, goodness knows she’s said things she wishes she could take back. But after she found out about his media trip to New York, no more excuses could be made.”

Miley’s ability to control her Hollywood-hypnotized dad is pretty impressive. Now if only she could teach Lindsay how to harness this power.