Miley Rules Out College

June 27, 2010 By:
Miley Rules Out College

Miley Cyrus isn't even 18 yet and she already has more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetime.

She's been getting home schooled for years now due to her super busy schedule and she admits after she gets her GED, there's pretty much no chance she'll go to college.

She said: “My sister went to college for two years and then decided she wants to be a musician and now she is a musician.

“I just already know what I want to do and if there is ever a time where I want to go back, I can.

“I learned that from my grandma. She went to college at 67 and graduated at 70 and was a teacher from then. She’s 77 now, so you can go whenever you want.”

She just coughed up $3.4 million dollars for a new mansion in L.A., and has a new album to promote. She already has a new movie in the works and doesn't plan on retiring from music anytime soon, so even if she did want to go college, we don't know how she'd ever find the time.