Miley Reveals She Doesn’t Actually Party in Real Life

November 12, 2013 By:
Miley Reveals She Doesn’t Actually Party in Real Life
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Miley Cyrus is a bold-faced liar. LIAR!

Despite the fact that she’s been photographed drinking in the back of a car with Benji Madden on Halloween, danced until she was blurry at Katy Perry’s EMA after-party, and has basically taken up residence at Beacher’s Madhouse, Miley INSISTS that she actually doesn’t party at all.

“I’m kind of a hermit,” she tells BBC Radio 1. “It’s good when I do this when I am traveling, but when I’m home I don’t really leave my house.”

Miley didn’t address the fact that she is ACTUALLY always partying and continued her bizarre charade that she’s secretly anti-social.

“I tell people who think that I’m really cool, ‘By the way I’m super lame'. What you read about me, it sounds like all I do is club and go and party with Terry Richardson but really I’m like the lamest, I never leave my house because I’m a complete hermit.”

Swear on the twerk bear's life Miley is lying. 

Also here's Miley singing "Summertime Sadness" because why not?