Miley Raps & Gets Raunchy Again In’s Video

November 26, 2013 By:
Miley Raps & Gets Raunchy Again In’s Video

Miley Cyrus seriously needs to retire her “rap career."

Miley made another rap video cameo, this time for on his song “Feelin’ Myself.”

The song itself is pretty weak and when you add Miley rapping about her three favorite subjects (twerking, clubbing and molly) it becomes an insufferable ratchet nightmare.

Miley is rocking a PVC bra and panties and her hair is styled in a fauxhawk while she flails around and raps about twerking, but doesn’t actually do it.

Miley has suspiciously NOT tweeted about the video at all, which is strange since she’ll post exactly 100 tweets for anything she does that is music related.

We wonder how long it will take before Miley watches all her “rap” performances and goes, “Ohhh, that’s bad. That’s like, really bad.”