Miley Parties Til 3AM After Bong Scandal

December 13, 2010 By:
Miley Parties Til 3AM After Bong Scandal

Miley Cyrus isn't that concerned over the whole smoking salvia out of a bong scandal from last week.

If she really wanted to change her image, she would have done something Taylor Swift-ish, like, I don’t know…stay home for once! Speaking of Taylor, she didn’t even leave her house on her own 21st birthday—imagine what Miley is planning for hers and it’s still 3 years away!

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According to Us Magazine, Miley went out in New Orleans on Saturday night where she’s shooting her new movie So Undercover.

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She went out with her co-stars to nightclub Republic with five other girls, and was reportedly out until 3:30 in the morning. Um, helllllo inappropriate.

What’s even worse is that Miley’s mom Tish is one of the producers on the film, so she’s even in the same freaking city as her daughter! No excuses this time—this is just bad parenting!

Miley is definitely the next Lindsay—mark my words!